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and transportation needs in our city. some of our other security and safety strategies we have a 3 hundred person parking enforcement who deals with blocking off streets in not all of our special events. we have dedicated police services to ride our system as well as a dedicated k9 system. and - i believe that's it and i'm happy to answer any questions that you have. >> we have no questions. thank you very much for being here next the the director of the entertainment commission. >> good afternoon. i appreciate your including me in this we don't consider ourselves a public agency per say but i want to - we want to reiterate again, we look to the police department to lead us when it comes to event typically when amplified sound comes into play. when i only have one enforcement personn - two minutes per person max. >> thank you very much supervisors you're all looking better dressed than the last time i saw you. i'm in favor of those cameras. cameras go two ways you know, i remember years ago getting in cops faces now 5 hundred thousand of people have taken pictures of cops. they're only asking
week and ask them what draws their talent to a city, the first three things they know whether it's public transportation, it's also the arts. because that's what keeps their creative mind functioning. and it's these institutions with their wonderful service and their continuing exhibitions, world renown exhibitions that introduce and keep their minds active and keeps the tremendous amounts of visitors coming to our city. i know how difficult it has been for board and for the president to make quick search, to matchup the right person with such an incredible institution as these are. i for one, know how difficult it is and when you are trying to do that when you are running government, i want to also say to the staff that i enjoyed mr. buchannon's leadershipa as much as you do, to fill those shoes with mr. bailey i'm excited because i trust the board of trustees, the time you took to select him, i'm going to welcome mr. bailey and look forward to and excited to do it. this city is on such a great recovery economically for everybody that there is going to be even that many more fam
that i went to a transit authority meeting, around buses, in this city. and so, i want to say that two of the things that i found very interesting were that just like the tour buses and the party buses, it is the out of town people coming into the city that tend to be the bigger problem and one of the ways that new york cities has worked with that is by putting someone from the city on the buses mandatory, that come from out of town. so i just thought that was very interesting and secondly i just wanted to say that they put people on the bus. >> like the party bus. >> it is like an air marshal, only it is a bus marshal >> there is someone in the city who lives in the city and respects the rules of the city and that seems to really cut down on the problems that new york had with that. >> do they get paid? >> yeah. >> let me just interject here that new york city has somewhere between 38,000 and 40,000 cops. right? and we have 1800? >> there you go. >> i don't think that they were cops. i think that they are you know, people hired through the tourist bureau. >> okay, and i just wanted to
this outreach with existing city resources and hope there will be a second round of funding and will be applying for funding /tkpwepbl. >> with that is there motion to /taebl this? motion by supervisor farrell, seconded by cohen. without objection this resolution is tabled. item 22. >> this is appropriating [inaudible] proceeds and deappropriating approximately 171.6 related to equipment lease [inaudible] fiscal year 2012 through '13. >> same house, same call. this is passed on the first reading. next item. >> [inaudible] program for the period of january 1, 2013 through december 31, 2014. >> colleague, same house, same call. adopted. >> item 25 [inaudible] from 1480 alabama street will serve the public con convenience. >> this is adopted. let's go to roll call. >> for introductions you are... >> i have just one item today for andrew simpson, who was the british sailor on the swedish artmous team who passed when his boat capsized. he won a gold metal in the 2008 olympics. bart began sailing [inaudible] to the royal yachting [inaudible] college in london. after the olympics bart followe
will check out the monster machine that is ready to tear through the city. >>> first up big changes in the oakland city police department. >>> and we're also talking about a new gun control measure that would take things even further. specifically in the city of oakland. >>> and mayor ed lee sits down and joins us to talk about the new warrior arena in his city. but first we start with developing news out of calaveras county. >> there is anoas in the stabbing death of an 8-year-old girl. the april 27th attack shook people in valley springs and allover the state. it set up a massive man hunt for the attacker. and ascappics 5. >> citizens of calaveras county will sleep a little better tonight. >> reporter: the killer was right there in the house all the while. >> at 5:10 p.m. they arrested leila's 12-year- old brother at the substation and on charges of homicide. >> reporter: sheriff gary would not elaborate on the investigation telling reporters to check a department website for updates. if investigators have the right suspect, it's doubly devastating for the fowler family. one day b
attorneys office to speak on no. 8. >> thank you. this is not a grant coming to the city of san francisco. these are to support our efforts of the first of it's kind local sentencing commission that passed through here just over a year 1/2 ago. the specific responsibilities that will be completed by nccd are made by the city of san francisco co maybe through responding to members questions and providing briefings to all the membership and the public. in addition, they will also be providing support through our victims services. we are going to conduct victims services analysis to meet all the needs of the victims who are presented to our office. i'm happy to answer any questions that you may have about the technical assistance will provide and the san francisco sentencing commission. >> thank you very much. colleagues any questions? >> okay. seeing none. we move to public comment. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> can i have a motion to mover this item forward? so moved. we can do that without opposition. please call item no. 9. 130274 [acc
the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the san francisco budget and finance subcommittee occurring may 15, 2013, will begin shortly. >> good morning everyone, welcome to the san francisco budget and finance subcommittee meeting for wednesday may 15th, 2012, i'm mark ferrill also joined by kim and london breed. and mr. clerk do you have any announcements >> silence all cell phones and devices. please include all of the documents to be part of the file should be submitted to the clerk, and they will appear on the may 21st agenda unless otherwise stated. >> i want to thank the members of sf tv, we are not going to be having the regular one clock and we have most of the items here. >> mr. clerk, could you call items 9, 10, 11 first. >> nine, ordinance amending the park code to designate portions of the property leased by staoet and county of san francisco under and adjacent to the portions of the central freeway located between otis and stevenson street and between valencia and stevenson street and partially bounded by the duboce avenue and referred to as the south of market
between otis and stevenson street and by and between the city and county of san francisco and the state of california, acting by and through the department of transportation for the initial term of 20 years and rent of $10,000. number eleven resolution approving for the execution of the air poser lease known as 3513 lot number 074 and located under the highway 101 here duboce street and between valencia street and stevenson street by and between the city and county of san francisco actleing through the department of transportation for term of 20 years and $2,335,343. >> thank you, mr. clerk, and these items are sponsored by supervisor kim. >> thank you, chair farrell. >> today really a combination of 13 years of organizing work that has been occurring in this part of district six. we are calling it the south of market west, state and dog parks, which will be built on the right-of-way parcels located under the central freeway between valnecia and otis street and in order to maintain the sites and facilities the office has been partnering with the mayor's office of economic development an
francisco. it's brought the feeling of the city in san francisco and the region into the building and it's a positive experience for us and the visitors and the volunteers who spend so much time here. so i would like to crews right now the mayor who has been a great partner with the hospital industry. in fact this whole project without the city of san francisco could not have done with without the help to make the plaza better and the visitor center a better experience and will work to make it more welcoming. i would like to introduce mayor lee, a tremendous ambassador to what we are all about. let's give him a round of applause for that leadership. thank you for not only what you do for the residents, but the visitors as well. >> thank you, you and the board have been just fabulous. you know san francisco i get to talk about everywhere i go whether it's ireland, paris or washington, d.c. and pretty soon i have to go to baltimore. what a downer. and eat their crab. [ laughter ] anyway, it's all in great gist that i say to you that again this is a 16 million person visit every year to s
million gallons of water each year. the project is part of a public-private partnership between the city and city fields foundation which has worked tremendously with us. it has and a successful partnership in our city for our kids and enabled us to add 2400 new san francisco kids playing ball and 200 new youth sports team as a result of this work that we have done together. the theme is soccer today. so earlier this week, the city devin dufty is work with the hope opportunity engagement announced that we are very privileged to be hosting street soccer usa, the west coast cup, which is a tournament to raise awareness for homelessness and to bridge the good between our various communities. the tournament takes place in june and includes both corporate teams and homeless teams from cities across the nation, playing and competing with each other. this story got some coverage, and i think some people were saying huh? homelessness, soccer and i wanted to bring up the founder of street soccer usa to tell us a little bit more about the tournament and show us a short video. rob, come on up. >>
as a city believe that as a matter of policy it's a good thing for that 801 to be filed. i like the idea of approving it with the understanding that an 801 will be filed because i do think that it's important for us to make sure that we create a path for this issue to be resolved, but also to make sure there is consistency moving forward. i think that approach that supervisor kim suggested is a very creative way in allowing us to be consistent and also find a resolution for this. >> i know this is a little bit of discussion in the budget meeting. would you -- >> we had a lengthy discussion about this at budget and for those of you not on that committee,maybe i could give you a brief synopsis. the ftcp regulates forms 801 and 803. the complaint that was filed said that a form 801 should have been filed here. the ftpc says there's nothing to look at here, it was a /tkpwao* gift -- it was a gift to the city. if you haven't been in the situation of accepting gifts [inaudible] and the same information is revealed in both. in the 803 the only requirement is that we reveal donors over 500
halls for our cities. isn't this wonderful to have the city department heads, the mayor, supervisors tackv and farrell with us this morning as well? i wanted to say that my role is to facilitate this to make sure that we're going to stick to time and that we can have you out of here in a short amount of time, but also to gather as much input as possible. my name is eric mar, i'm the supervisor for the richmond district. and i wanted to first introduce our mayor, mayor ed lee. thank you. (applause) ~ >> thanks, supervisor. i'll be very brief because the whole purpose of these budget town halls is to listen to our neighbors, our residents, to find out what you think matters in our city. i just wanted to put a little backdrop that a year ago when we started holding these community meetings, we had some significant budget deficits. and in years past they were even worse. now we've come through a lot of that and i'm thankful to all the department heads that are here because they worked very hard to work with me to find all the efficiencies, to make sure we balance that budget. clearly, th
the city as all of you know, a lot of people are leaving the mission. so, i hope that you will support this project, and thank you very much for listening to us. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is (inaudible) and i am a resident of the mission district and i live three blocks from the shotwell street and i am here to support the land dedication. i actually was one of the community active vifts and residents from the community that was ininvolved from the beginning, of the planning for this particular site. and we are in full support of it as a community. and i facilitated a lot of the meetings with the community organizations in the munt as well as housing activists and we felt that this was the best opportunity for us to have affordable housing, you know, built in the mission that is really fordable, because a lot of what is affordable is not for the person washing dishes or the person who cooks or the mother who is a made for all of the rich people who are moving into the mission, thank you. >> thank you. next s
because your decision not to use the base isolation system is not going to lead to the city in an earthquake >> if you'd like to come up and say that on the microphone. it's hard to hear you. >> simon at san francisco waterfront partners. >> erick engineer. >> what i said mr. president, was that the question was asked by the person who perpetrated the report and would the design without base isolation imexpose a greater risk open the system. >> i'd like to again erick wong. i'd like to state that with base isolation or without base isolation on a standard 6 believe it the standard - the question is what does base isolation do stem from understanding of how forces are taken down from the superfluous structure above down into the soil. and it was our conclusion that the amount of force and with or without the base isolation system has negative impact with the force onto the soil and the adjacent >> okay. i'm trying to understand that. conventional ways is you build a fix base and it means under the building it's constructed to have a little bit of flexibility so in shak
. the city sold it to the redevelopment industry. in the meantime the local architecture firm has worked with the hey's valley neighborhood association to transform these to provide venues this resolution will extend proxies lease until 2021 and will increase the present the city receives to 7200 per month. that rent payment is calculated on what a parking lot renter would be charged. i have an in me /phor yum/pheme where he was an all city in soccer and attended also university of san francisco and met his wife evelyn at city hall. he retired as city deputy of san francisco to become coupty clerk, a position he held for 20 years. he passed away on [inaudible]. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor breed. seeing no other /tphapls on the roster. >> i think supervisor campos. >> i'd like to begin by talking about something that supervisor wiener has already referenced and it's something we've been working on for quite some time. we have heard the last year-and-a-half perhaps a number of comments about whether or not there should be changes to the mission alcohol special use distr
housing and in fact san francisco plays a major role is the first plan that the city is experiencing and producing multifamily housing and high-rise and residential development and that is a neat pattern for the city and county for the region. and so how are we embracing those trends and the plan b area. so you are familiar with the priority development area with the framework that was developed not just with the legislation, as sb375 that we have been working on that for 7 and to 8 years and we have been working very closely with your staff and planning and transportation. and in recognizing what that neighborhood plan that you have in city and how those relate to the primary development in the regional level. and prior to that, while the largest conservation areas are the north bay, and santa clara and the urban parks and to retain the quality and the access of the open space. and so this is the over arching and this is the picture of how this plan is suspected to play out. as you can see the green, areas is includes the open space, the farmland and the concept as to retain those a
this and that for better efficiency and safety. i can't thank this man who has been in several aspect of city government. he understand the types of collaborative efforts necessary to conclude and project like this. now it gives me great pleasure to introduce our great mayor, mayor edwin lee. >> thank you, chief. i want to thank former gave some for having reached this incredible agreement with museum of modern art. i just thought it was such a win win for everybody. not easy by any stretch of the imagination because it takes a lot of resources even when we talk in terms of gifts, but let me first of all start with saying thank you chief white to you and to the whole fire department's administration to local firefighters union as well for being an incredible part of our city. your mission has always been about saving lives. we see it everyday and sometimes when there are events we can't control happen but you are there without regard in many cases for the things that are occurring, but just there to save lives. i think this gift if anything reflects the value that we place on our fire department. so th
it for him. [ applause ] . >> in just a few short minutes, 107 years ago, this city was devastated by the earthquake, by the gas fires that followed. there was nothing. there was no internet, there was no cell phones, there was no phones. people gathered. we are gathering here today to honor those who survived, those who perished and those who built this city out of the ashes. so please with me, sing again as we hold alto our fallen comrades, three of whom are alive today and watching from home. george cluchey, bill dell monte, and billy hook. san francisco, please. crabtree. >> c'mon, everybody.♪ [singing san francisco] ♪ >> [ applause ] . >> courtesy of city college of san francisco's great culinary department. hot soup. where is our soup? who knows. who knows where the hot soup is. >> right here on polk street. is that where it is? hot soup on gearey. good. first, some words of wisdom from our supervisors. take us to our leaders, please. >> hi, everybody, london breed representing district five and i'm so happy to be here today. we are here doing what san franciscans do b
announcement to make this city safer and better for walking not just today but everyday. mayor ed lee. >> thank you four your walk and advocacy and leadership as well. we do a lot of things in the city for the first time and i'm really glad to see this walk to work program get kick started in our city. we are one of the most walkable cities in the world. i just completed a walk down market street to update myself on what all the things that are going on on market street and tenderloin and all the investments going on and you don't see that on the ground unless you are walking the beautiful streets. i want to thank paramount group for being a sponsor on the first effort to make sure that we set the standard for many states across the country. you can learn a lot of what's going on. i'm glad to see all the members of the board of supervisors here. if i can remember who is here today that made it all the way here so far. board president chiu, president breed, cohen, chang. have i missed anybody? i didn't want to forget because i believe her birthday is coming up. former supervisor max well. than
family and their incredible collection of art which this city really still needs to talk about it's deserving of it. i know that the effort that is being made by mr. swab and all the trustees that have made that expansion, it is a serious amount of money to do that. yes they did have to have that expansion. we got that gift out here and the tune of $12 million for the station for the land and design and construction by the fund raising efforts that have gone on. but part of that is lose the make way for a really wonderful collection that for generations years and years to come will appreciate it. i must say that mr. swab has entered into this effort knowing that it was going to take a lot of resources to do. at a time when there are so many other competing interest to be able to talk to people about the collection, about what it means and then about the fire station in addition to that and the public private partnership, i want to again, thank mr. swab for your leadership in doing so and also benny, i he's a personal friend of yours, i wish i knew mr. fisher better as well but we
across america, cities and towns, homes and businesses all depend upon one basic resource. modern civilization and life itself would be impossible without it. woman: okay, so today, we're going to look at how do we get our water? narrator: and today, it's a matter of simply turning on the tap. so often, we forget about the value of water. water is a commodity that is essential to life. 100 years ago, it would have been hard to imagine turning on the tap water. and now, it's an expectation. narrator: over 300 million people live in the united states. and each person uses an average of 100 gallons of water every day. man: what it takes to actually make clean water is somewhat a mystery to most customers. woman: so how does water get from the river into your house, or here at school? woman: somebody has to bring that water to us, and somebody has to take it away when we're finished with it. man: the water infrastructure is vital for disease protection, fire protection, basic sanitation, economic development, and for our quality of life. man: you just can't visualize all the assets th
. thanks for being here. >> thank you. in this city we know how to get things done. this is one more example. we are going to be ready for the next one and we are going to rebuild from that one as well. i know we are going to be able to get it done and it's great that we do this every year and i want to say how proud i am that we were able to get this soft story legislation done. earthquake preparedness is never easy, it's always controversial, but we did it. thanks, everyone. [ applause ] >> before we bring our mayor up, a quick word from the department of emergency services. a hand for --an. >> thank you, good morning for coming. the entire government and city of san francisco is summed up in one word and we showed it this morning. resilience. we were resilience in 1906 and in 1989 and we will be resilient the next time. we love san francisco. we are ready and prepared. each one of you have to be prepared at home and at work. look at how flexible we were. look at what resilience is all about. thanks for coming. >> [ applause ] . >> san francisco is lucky to have two native born sa
. on the ground near wichita. in oklahoma, near oklahoma city. the twisters part of a very he strong and as you can see wide system making its way through the northern and central plains right now. this has been cooking up for three hours now and we are at the pinnacle of that and the threat only expected toen crease from this point out. we are at the top of the heating of their day and it gets tougher from here into the night until things cool down. and the system expected to stretch into tomorrow. meteorologist janice dean is in the fox weather center. we he have one that they are watching right now outside of norman, oklahoma. we believe a touchdown happening as we speak. >> yes, and damage reports unfortunately, harris. i checked the national weather service and norman oklahoma is where the storm prediction center is. they know tornadoes. unfortunately, we are seeing damage in and around oklahoma city, norman, oklahoma up through kansas and wichita and then could have straightline damaging winds moving through the kansas city area. just want to point out where we have tornado watches extend
to shut it down and shufltd it to other make any sense in the city >> i see you've been working around earthquakes suppose we get the big one how long will it take to get that fixed. >> if there's a water seismic break at the time there was a think earth quack but they were able to put back into either in a couple of weeks and other things took months later but if we have a larger seismic fist we do have a well trained staff that we can come back and get minimum service into the area it's not just here in san francisco we have other customers that depends upon on us. we have some ways we can move sewage into our north plant but that's kind of a catastrophic event and it depends upon how much damage >> a couple of weeks may not be enough time. >> it all don't understand the process. >> so there's 20 million gallons. >> a lot of it is the financial district if they're not people working downtown after an earthquake the amount produced in the work city fluctuates. i guess i ask those questions you have good attorneys who look into this >> if you had to buy insurance or some sort of
my colleagues and all awardees and all of you, and thank the staff of our city's office of small business. and i /aoeud i'd like to close it out, recognize the president of the small business commission, steve adams. >> you all did a great job with your picks today and i gotta hand it to you, you guys did awesome across the board. makes me very proud. i'm honored to serve as chair of san francisco small business week. it supports [inaudible] throughout our community. sorry. san francisco small business week is part of a national celebration and our small business week is the largest small business week celebration in the united states and part of it is what happened here today because you don't see this in any other city so this is why i really appreciate what you have done here for the last four years. the ninth annual san francisco business week is presented by wells fargo and produced with the san francisco small business administration so we have them here today so thank you mark quinn. i also like to give a special thank you to director ed of the sfmta for their sponsor
astounding. it was not acceptable for our city so i would like to make a commitment. one of the things we can do better is better data collection so we are committed in the next fiscal year to mod fie our forms so we're asking our agencies how in transgenders are you [inaudible] particularly in the area of raining. i think there's a lot of need in the area of training. just one last note. we did in our 2012 update the girl's report /-r /-r include a new section that hadn't been there before on the needs of lgtb girls and i /tpho*e [inaudible] is here from the school district and she's going to view some of those very detail /-ld statistics but we were quite alarmed of depression and /aeu cemented suicides among lgtb girls and transgender. so that showed us there's unmet need in this community /-fp >> thank you very much. let's here from the san francisco unified school district. thank you for being present in this important discussion. >> being that we're from the school district, we have a powerpoint, so do we just -- and we were asked to bring some copies so i've got -- >> great.
department, how am i going to get city council -- they're partially on board, but some of our people in public works are here today. how can i convey to them that i'm not a nut -- everybody here thinks i'm a nut because [speaker not understood]. how did they really take this seriously and realize that graffiti is a crime and it requires money and it requires attention from the officials, not just from covering is there an answer? can you give me some sort of -- what's a good direction? >> [speaker not understood]. >> [speaker not understood]. basically the task force, they'll put together and try to convince the citizens something is happening, then it will go away. it's no longer a political issue. what turned the corner for us, we had a mayor go out during one of our zero tolerance on blight mayor. she went out on a clean up day. the people from the better business bureau went with they are and started dragging her through the streets and started showing her the [speaker not understood], showing her the graffiti all over and what an impact it's having on them. yeah, one person goes
the old veterans even if they've gotten reformed. they don't so much respect the city work [speaker not understood]. that's how it worked with us. >> okay, anybody else up there want to comment on that? i'm going to run over here because it's over here. had his hand up for a little while. if i could get you to stand up. >> this is a softball for dpw. i want to know where you get the funding that you give out as grant funding, let's say street smarts. is it general fund money, is there a special fee that's tied to something that goes into a fund? >> yeah, it's general fund money. the department makes a decision on programs and we earmark money for various, like the police and the arts commission and we earmark money and send it to them. a lot of times you'll find the board of supervisors members have support for various programs also. we've gotten that after the budget was done in order to fund some of the programs. >> great. do you have another question? >> i have three more. >> you have three more up there, and anybody else going to be wanting to ask a question? okay, we'll get you
economy and getting more people involved in the economic success of our city. the role of technology and rolling out of health care reform, challenges all of us. how do we get good, healthy citizens and programs out there to do it? a lot of good conversations, no longer negative about what you didn't do to me, but what we can do together to investment in each other? i would like a budget that reflects that. >> thank you so much, and i am barbara taylor with k cbs radio and thank you all for joining us. if you have comments come out to one of the mayor's budget town hall meetings or drop him at line at his email thank you. everybody, welcome. we have a packed agenda tonight. first we want to thank the southeast community facility commission for opening their doors tonight and their executive director, moses. thank you for opening the doors tonight. we have a very, very tight agenda. the goal here is for the community to be heard. this is not a question and answer time, but the goal is for the community to be heard. when we get to public commen
for something and thank you for your service to the city. but i am here to ask for your continued support in three major areas. one is in employment services. and i would like to thank you, rhonda simmons for supporting the randolph institute and for the contract around construction services. to make sure that we can recruit experienced construction workers and not only experienced workers but young folks to enter in the construction trade. a lot of training and education comes through our office. and so far we have worked with over 400 clients that have signed up with city build to get employment throughout the city. but i would like to see a tinued support in that spectrum of employment opportunities other than just construction. youth services is another area that we would like it see your continued support. there are great internships around this summer that we recruited for throughout the city. i would like to thank the puc for offering a multitude of internships, and our young folks with the offers from the city. and we have programs with youth works and as well as the san francisco
of the larger issues we have in the city and i want to know about them. please end us an e-mail or call us. we're going to be making some serious budget decisions and i want to make sure your voices are heard. i want to emphasize public housing is to me and it's great to see him here. we grew up and i want to thank the mayor for making housing that's priority in the city. so thank you so much for being here and actress i want to thank everyone for coming out. just in the youth cards alone we really proud i tried to pick from board categories we have a lot of seniors and youths and from a board range of cuts from mental health to hiv and we've heard about homeless and i shelters and dropping programs. but i did look through all the cards i got a real good sense of who came out tonight. i hold office hours twice a month please continue to come over the next month. thank you. (clapping) >> okay we're not going to close out the budget until we've read every single card. i'm going to make sure our staff look at every one of those for the time you gave us tonight. i want to thank the mayor's office
part of the city. while other parks are in the portfolio, getting the maintenance that it gets, we have less and as we grow the density and we approve the developments and the south of market we have to think about infrastructure and you can't get the parks because your neighborhood came later and we are not going to provide you the infrastructure that we need because we are overloaded in terms of what we have. i think that it does have to be a greater conversation about what it means to provide appropriate infrastructure for the neighborhoods where we are focusing the density and the growth and the expansion is having. i wanted to address the points about these two parks. in terms of that, it was part of an over all plan and we are providing additional funding for maintenance. >> thank you. i wanted to ask another question about the additional trees and the responsibility of who is to maintain those trees? >> the trees that have been placed prior are specific to this project? >> i am not clear when i talk about specific to this project? >> i was mentioning that the trees were part of p
building and office ablation. instead, city leaders, departments and project managers join forces with local architectural firms ked to build one of the greatest office buildings in america. that's more than a building. that's a living system. ♪ ♪ when san francisco first bought this land in 1999, it was home to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building in 1999 for $2. we worked and looked at ways that we can utilize the building for an office building. to build an icon i can building that will house a lot of city departments. >> the san francisco public utilities commission has an important job. we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million pe
about the neighborhood, the city, and what people want and what their concerns are. i feel i can do so much more than before and started campaigning. -- i feel like i know so much more than before i started campaigning. we're all part of the left on the national standard. i am a good liberal democrat. in the san francisco spectrum, and probably considered more middle of the road. -- i am probably considered more middle-of-the-road. i am very independently comes to the issues. i do not vote the party line. a judge each issue on its merits. that is how i am. >> what do you feel are some of the biggest issues facing san francisco now? >> the budget is the most imminent issue. we do have a structural budget deficit in the city. we need to determ balancing of n a way that does not decimate basic city services that people rely on but also to address our long term structural budget deficit. that means implementing budget reforms that will smooth out the budget process so that it is not a boom-bust process. that means reforming our pension and retiree system so that they are stable and do n
to daly city. so if you want to get downtown, from my area, you can take the bart it, and then go downtown, and be there within 20 minutes. right now, you take the 14 bus 2 balboa station, and it will take you 40 minutes just to get to balboa station. that is one thing i am looking at, making muni more effective. san francisco, we talk about it being a transit first city, but it does not mean a lot of options for transit are not well thought out in places further from downtown. my district is one place where we need to create better options. >> you mentioned muni and the changes that are happening. what about parking, traffic, is the area safer for pedestrians? >> there is always a lot of work to do with pedestrians. making sure the department of parking and traffic is painting along alemany. along balboa park station, geneva, san jose, pushing hard to get a ramp for pedestrians. right now, it is dangerous to cross the street, especially if you are pushing a stroller or are in a wheelchair. you have to go further than you but typically have to. there is so much more to do. we have to figur
and satisfying and it is really a new crown jewel for the city of san francisco. [ applause ] >> you know, some months ago this was just an abandoned pier and 300 million dollars later and a lot of love and attention, it has been transformed into a place of discovery, a place of imagination, and a place of repose. in this new neighborhood, here along the embarcadaro, the san francisco exporatorium is truly reborn bigger and better than ever, and we know in this new location and facility and sort of a new sense of enthusiasm it is going to be a huge success and a integral part of what visitors come to enjoy in san francisco and of course what all residents in the bay area come to enjoy. it is fantastic, i know that my kids used to love to come visit. i know that they will be excited and they are kind of big now and they will be excited to come and visit this new facility as well. we just aired and i want to remind for those of who you did not see it, i did a half hour special, thank you very much. [ applause ] and it is not, a shameless plug for the special, i promise you, it is a celebration of
is the north effort main. the site is proposed to set over the cities largest sewer pipe. this is a pipe that my understanding is the 10 by 10 foot pipe and those pictures you saw earlier colleagues at westportal we're talking about a pipe this big (indicating). and we're talking about a pipe that was 19 inches big now imagine between me and i guess that supervisor is 10 feet away from me imagine that pipe full of human wastes full of you know what. and this is a pipe that serves major parts of our city north beach our hills knob and services chinatown and in the maureen and i was told it also serves portions of supervisor kim's district in district 6. frankly everyone comes to work where everyone goes to show them o shop and tours in the neighborhood where 16 thousand folks a year flow through this area. next slide. so this is a picture of i'm sorry it's a little bit hard to see. in the a map the eight washington site is to sit on top of the north forest main. there used to be a iron clad requirement the fact it's a called an easement of about 32 feet and as you learn today, our puc dec
's award recipients for the extraordinary work and service that they provide to our cities, neighborhoods every day. all of the award recipients share one common goal. and that is to ensure that san francisco continues to be the best place to live, visit, and do business. i am proud to be the mayor of a city where residents and civic leaders are partners and work together to tackle challenges and find innovative solutions to keep our neighborhoods world class. thank you for attending this important event, and thank you to the neighborhood empowerment network for your dedication and commitment to our neighborhoods. keep up the great work and have a wonderful evening here at the nen awards. (applause) >> the first award we're going to be presenting tonight is an award that for many people is an award that is one of the top highlights of the event, and that is an opportunity to induct someone into the nen hall of fame. the hall of fame is an opportunity to take a moment and celebrate the lifetime of the contribution that an individual has made to our city and perhaps just seize the opportuni
in in this case, the giants have signed an agreement using the city local hiring policy to make this work. support the worker families and the workforce we're proud to support in workforce commitment for the last fall will help establish a policy for the waterfront development in san francisco. we appreciate the giants labor support and ask i urge you to approve this >> seeing none other comments the public comments are closed. we have a number of amendments suggested by mr. rose? and so moved the motion to move item 4 we can do that await opposition. thank you very much >> item 6. resolution improving the outdoor with the channel airport. >> okay. thank you very much mr. clerk this item was continued a number of weeks ago to the call of the chair so everyone could be present. first, we'll have mr. martin up. >> thank you supervisor farrell. this may be the first big disagreement in 33 years. overall this is a very good deal for the airport and the city. we're reducing advertisements leases down. we received 3 bids last time around we only received one bid. $10 million a year and over the ter
of the city. we're in the highest of economical the and economical times are getting better judges >> every other airport in the country there's a valid reason for having a gross or anything guarantee whichever is higher. >> so in terms of the digital advertising you can crank more adds but it's hard to say whichever one is going to be better. but to make sure i want to be clear there's nothing that says this would produce more money than a cardboard sign >> we don't have any documentation on that. the fact that there's a lower number of tvrdz locations which we don't disagree with doesn't main that the anything guarantee wouldn't have been just as much >> mr. chairman? >> and on others point i understand and agree with your point those two last year's the percentage h that kicked in was about $9.3 million at the same time in time it was down to $6 million but i find it compelling that the most of the airports that mr. martin was to downsize it's not going to last like it is today. >> supervisor farrell that's exactly why we're relating you contain both. we totally agree with you. the
important discussions we've had in city hall in a willow i want to say that even though there's a lot of work to do in san francisco and to see the coordination with the departments. and, of course, to our budget and legislative analysts their analysts always adds an analysis that's not there. thank you. again supervisor cowen >> thank you for your active participation. now may a have is a motion to the call of the chair? >> madam chair i move. >> madam clerk i move that we take a two minute recess so that the thank you, thank you everyone for being with us today madam clerk call item 3. >> hearing is hearing on policy. and i'm going to turnover the rest of the meeting inform president chiu who will manage the hearing >> thank you, madam chair. so today's hearing is on the washington project on the sewer compacts. we get recommendation for good news i've invited the port on commission to come today but since we don't have an overall presentation and today's hearing does resolve some complicated issues i've put together a brief cover. and sf tv if you could go to the laptop. toda
association versus is city and county of san francisco. >> roll call vote. >> chew i, cohen i, farrell i, kim i, mar i, tang i, wiener i, yee i, avalos no, breed i, campos i. there are ten i's, one no. a: /ord >> ordinance is passed. >> purr >> any discussion? roll call vote on this item. >> chew i; cohen i, kim i, mar i, tang i, wiener i, yee i, avalos, breed camp i. therare 11 i's. >> this ordinance is passed next item. >> this is a /orbd /tphapblgs regarding the health code to raise patient rates charged for mental health services. >> this is passed on first reading. >> item ten, award in 71 thousand in salaries and reappropriating 71 to overtime in the public utilities communication division to support the department's projected increases in overtime pursuant to 9.113. >> why don't you call 11, 12 and 13 which have to do with similar /ord /tphapblgs. ordinance. >> and approximately 42 million in capital improvement program projects. item 12 is an ordinance reappropriating for overtime and uant to section 9.113 the chart r -- is item -- number 12 is sub to [inaudible] 16 million in exis
by city. the only thing that neat to change from the court decision was adding a few findings. and what's before you is some additional sequa findings. >> i guess what my certain is there's flexibility in those plans to get them modified to meet the overwhelming demand of the public. >> it's adopted by mta board. your action is limited. so we'll approve those but they'll be separate acts >> the mta board did pass the readoption of the same bicycle plan they adopted previously. so the city is not intended to change any of the new finding >> i guess where would the recourse be for those who have questioned who have been spoken to in in plan. >> we can certainly talk about this if you don't take action today that wouldn't be an issue. our tint is to quickly comply with the court order when was to beef up our finding >> and then at some time we'll have that addressed? >> yes. >> i haven't read every single one of those but i want that's you've got a lot of competing progresses there. but there are some streets that are issues. we need to satisfy the environmental part of this >> ye
>> so the ceqa guidelines do require that if the city or any agency is going to use thresholds on a regular basis it those have a public process to adopt those formally in a rule-making and [stk-pl/] that demonstrate that they are supporteded by substantial evidence. we looked at the eir page for the planning department this is a regular basis. san francisco has not done this. it doesn't comply with the ceqa guidelines. the applicant's brief this morning says it's just a handful and if we have to go back and pull every single ceqa document offer the planning department's website and shows that everyone uses the thresholds, we can do that and we will. >> thank you. i have a couple of questions around shadow impacts on union square as the district supervisor for union square. because i think this is probably the first time this year we have had a project that implications proposition k, i am hoping that you can take a few moments to explain particularly for some of my newer colleagues that haven't had to grapple with these issues to talk about proposition k and its impact. from
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